Life Skills

Life Skills and Work

At Glenwood School, Life Skills is taught from Year 7 through to Year 11.  Through our Life Skills curriculum we want our pupils to:

  • Relate their learning in school to real life situations
  • Develop as individuals and members of society
  • Have the skills and capabilities needed for independent adult life and work
  • Be able to cope with the changing global economy
  • Learn how to make informed choices about their own lives

Life Skills is important because it can deliver necessary skills, and personal qualities, knowledge, understanding and attitudes to help our pupils prepare for the world of work. Increasingly, employers are looking for personal qualities, competences and experiences including the ability to work in teams, to show an aptitude for problem-solving, and being able to display effective interpersonal skills. In preparing for adult life pupils need to be both creative and flexible in responding to personal, social, local and global challenges in an increasingly complex world. There is a need therefore, for our pupils to become creative thinkers with the ability to problem solve and generate new ideas. Life Skills can help deliver these personal qualities and skills.

Life Skills

Life Skills is a subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in the future. Life Skills has close links between the curriculum and the development of skills and capabilities necessary for life and work. It educates pupils for employability and further supports their personal development.

Communication and Advocacy   Communication and Advocacy
Life Skills will help our pupils to develop as individuals and members of society. The ability to relate and interact effectively with others underpins success in all aspects of life. Pupils will develop the ability to use rational thought processes to arrive at decisions that take account of their and others’ needs.  
Independence and Preparing for Adulthood   Pupils will learn what it means to be a responsible employee or indeed employer, and how to make a valuable contribution to the community in which they live. Pupils’ will be given opportunities to practice vital life skills so that they can operate independently as young people and adults, and so they can fully participate in their school life and life beyond school.  
Physical, Social and Emotional Good Health   Life Skills will help to develop the whole child so that they can make informed choices, and take the lead in a healthy and meaningful life. Life Skills will develop our pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and motivation for learning and work 

Glenwood School – Values in our Curriculum

Life Skills and Work (LLW)







Where you will see it in my subject

– We will respect each other, people in our local community and our environment when we are out, practicing our life skills.
– We will look after our work and our classroom.
– We will respect the support staff give us.