We aim to make the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 as smooth as possible.

This starts even before you apply as you can arrange for a tour of the school with one of our senior leaders, we are always happy to show people around. Parents and carers are encouraged to bring their child along for these visits.

Of course moving to any Secondary school from a Primary school is always going to be a big step and will cause most pupils to have some anxiety.

To support we try to start transition as soon as possible, a member of our well-being team will visit pupils within their primary setting to find out as much we can about them and to get to know them so they have a friendly face when they come on their first transition visit.

Transition visits are arranged in the summer term, these include fun activities to meet the staff and also to get to know their classmates, as well as some curriculum activities such as gaining your Bunsen burner licence to give pupils a head start in September. There is an opportunity to spend one to one time with their form tutor to share their interests and hobbies.

There will also be a parents and carers evening were we will be able to answer any questions you may have. Uniform is also available to buy at this event.

We also invite new pupils along to end of the year shows and performances and to a family barbeque where staff can meet both pupils and their families.

Pupils will receive a transition pack before the summer holiday with their timetable and photos of the school. We also send home a copy of our transition booklet – an electronic copy of which can be found below:

During their first half term pupils are escorted to their lessons until they can find their own way around the school and take part in transition focussed activities. Tutors will provide feedback to parents by the end of the first full week about how well their child has settled. There is a 6 week in parents and carers evening where you can talk to your child’s tutor about how they are getting on.

Year 11 Transition

Transition planning starts in Year 9. The EHCP review in Year 9 is focussed on the Preparing for Adulthood themes and a plan is created to help pupils work towards their aspirations. In Year 9 pupils have their first independent Careers session with Hampshire Futures to encourage them to think about what they would like to do when they leave, they then have further appointments (which parents and carers are encouraged to attend) during Years 10 and 11.

In Year 10 and 11 pupils visit a range of local college providers as part of their Life Skills lessons. This includes having a tour of the facilities and also taking part in some taster sessions. They are encouraged to attend college open evenings and the in-school careers fayre which is run every year in the Autumn Term.

During their Year 10 &11 EHCP reviews pupils will be asked to give a preference for the Post 16 placements they would like. Although this can always change, it gives us the opportunity to begin liaising with colleges about pupil’s individual needs. The EHCP will be amended at this point if necessary to ensure it reflects their current support needs.

Once pupils have confirmed college places we can arrange further transition visits to visit specific areas of the college or to meet specific staff.

Information is provided as requested from the colleges and the SEN department.