Nurture Information

At Glenwood not only do we look after our pupil’s educational needs we care for their emotional and social development and needs. We run a successful Nurture Group for our Year 7 and 8 pupils offering them a safe space to gain confidence in their leaning.

Nurture is a recognised evidence based short intervention that supports pupil’s capabilities to engage with others and the world around them enabling them to reach their full potential not only at Glenwood but moving forward in education and society.

Nurture is built around the core subjects of the National Curriculum delivered in a therapeutic and adaptable way in a small group or individually, ensuring that the individual needs of the pupils are being met at all times.

Nurture tends to run over two lesson periods, twice a week for six weeks, the activities are fun and pupil focused, encouraging them to express themselves and feelings while at the same time supporting them in to how to take responsibility for themselves and actions, building on self-respect, pride and resilience.